11 Signs You’re Clairaudient

One of the lesser known, but still very powerful psychic abilities is clairaudience. Meaning literally ‘clear-hearing,’ those with clairaudience receive messages through their hearing and can use their gifts to help others, as with any other psychic ability.

Although it’s easy to tell if you’re clairaudient, it can often be confused with varying mental illnesses and personality disorders due to the nature of literally hearing things that aren’t always “there”. When misunderstood, this ability can be very distressing for some, but once comprehended can bring immense life change. Let’s take a look at the most common traits of this wonderful ability.

1. You have excellent hearing.

Quite simply, you have perfect hearing. Because clairaudience is all about sound and hearing, this sense is exaggerated beyond normal levels. You can hear a pin drop in a crowded room.

This also means that you never miss a thing. If someone is whispering or hoping that you didn’t hear what they said, you can bet that they’ll be disappointed because you won’t have even had to try to listen in; your ears pick up on everything.

2. You love the quiet.

Because of your enhanced hearing, normal levels of sound can become overwhelming for you which means that you need a lot more quiet time than others to recharge.

You cherish your time alone, doing nothing much other than simply relishing in the peace and quiet. You love meditation for its silentness, and you love being alone in nature where the only sounds are pleasant, healing ones.

3. You love music.

As much as you adore spending time in silence, you love music and have a song for every situation. Music feels healing to you, whether it be soft piano music or your favourite heavy metal band.

You don’t just enjoy music like most people though, you feel that it truly speaks to you, directly. A song can come on the radio with the exact message that you needed at that time, or you may even hear someone singing the lyrics which seem to be the solution to your problem.

4. You receive messages through sound.

Following on from the last point, you receive messages in the form of sound everywhere. Not just in music. You may overhear a conversation which reveals to you a great epiphany, receive the answer to your question from a TV show, or even hear sirens which set ‘alarm bells ringing’ in your mind about a certain situation.

This is your guides communicating with you – they know that this will be the best method because of your clairaudient abilities. Some people receive images, feelings, or numbers, whereas for you, everything you hear is a possible sign.

5. You’re a listener.

Some people are talkers, and some are listeners. You’re a listener. Even if you do enjoy speaking, you always feel far more comfortable listening to others because of your audible nature.

Because you enjoy listening, you’ve become incredibly skilled at it over the years and you’re often there as a shoulder to cry on, or people may feel that they can unload all of their problems on to you. This can become severely draining and distressing, so you must learn to set boundaries to protect your energy and state of mind.

6. You prefer audio books.

This is another simple thing that reinforces the possibility that you are indeed clairaudient. Our psychic abilities affect every area of our lives, including our preferences, likes, and dislikes, and pretty much every aspect of our personality.

You love books, but may struggle to read, but give you an audio book and you’ll be hooked. You also learn best through sound and listening, and often talking on the phone is much easier and more enjoyable for you than communicating through text.

7. You talk to yourself often.

So this may be the point in the list where things start getting ‘weird’ for some of you, and where your biggest ‘ah-ha’ moments will come from. Everyone talks to themselves in some capacity, usually as inner self-talk, but as a clairaudient you take it to the next level and have been known to have full conversations with yourself!

Don’t worry, this isn’t as strange as it sounds. Being audible creatures, we often find it helpful to work through our problems out loud, or to say aloud what we are about to do to ensure that we won’t forget or even end up backing out of it.

8. You hear ringing in your ears.

Chances are, if you’re clairaudient, you will often hear high pitched ringing or buzzing in your ears. Now, there’s a chance that this is a medical condition, so go get checked out. But if they can’t find anything, then you know that these sounds are actually messages from the divine.

As I said earlier, your guides will communicate with you through various sounds, but the ringing, from my understanding, usually comes from angels because they are of a much higher frequency than us so we can’t always decipher what they’re saying. Don’t worry, this is a good thing. Many people say that this ringing is a sign of DNA upgrades. You can ask your angels to dial it down a notch if it’s a bit loud though!

9. You’ve heard an angelic choir.

If your angels are connecting with you, one way that they will let a clairaudient know that they are there is by allowing you to hear a beautiful angelic choir. You may have been really confused because you couldn’t find the source of the music, or you may have even thought it was your neighbours, but rest assured this is a message, a sign.

The choir is incredible, beautiful, serene. There aren’t enough words in the world to explain its beauty. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll know exactly what I mean. We are truly blessed to have been gifted with this music. Cherish it and thank them when you hear it.

10. You’ve heard someone say your name when you’re alone.

Have you ever been sat with a good book and a cuppa on a Friday night after work, home alone, when suddenly you hear someone say your name, clear as day? You may have even been in a busy place and heard someone call your name, but looked around and no one seems to be asking for you. This probably terrified you the first time it happened, or maybe you even brushed it off and tried to ignore it.

These are totally normal reactions, but I’m here to tell you: don’t be afraid, and pay attention. This voice could come from many entities. A passed loved one is likely visiting and wants to let you know that they’re there, or it could even be your spirit guide trying to make direct contact. Next time this happens, listen, and most importantly, respond. Say hello, they’re not scary. And if you’re uncomfortable, you can ask them to leave at any time.

11. You’ve heard voices in your head.

Finally, we come to possibly the most misunderstood, and often frightening aspect of being clairaudient. You hear voices in your head. The voice doesn’t come from you, you know it’s from an outside source. The voice may tell you where to go, to avoid a certain person that day, that something is about to happen, or even just saying hello.

Chances are, if you’re not familiar with psychic abilities, that you think there’s something wrong with you, at least initially. There isn’t. This voice is your spirit guide usually, but spirits may also make contact and ask you for help or to pass on a message. Don’t be afraid. It’s nothing bad, I promise. Listen closely, and really pay attention. If the voice in your head tells you to take a different route to work today, do it. They are there to protect you and guide you.

There’s an important distinction I need to make here, because of course not everyone that hears voices is clairaudient. To tell if this is clairaudience or a mental illness, listen to the voice. Is it kind, helpful, and positive? Or is it dark, cruel, and negative? People with schizophrenia and some other mental illnesses don’t hear the same things as people with clairaudience. They usually are being bullied by the voice in their head, and the voice may even tell them to hurt themselves or someone else, leaving the sufferer paralysed and terrified. Clairaudients will never hear that, because their voice is their spirit guide or higher self who is guiding them and helping them to make a positive change in the world.

If the voice doesn’t sound like that of a spirit guide or other benevolent being, please seek help. Your GP can help, or a local mental health charity. In the UK, you can self refer to these services or get a doctor to do so on your behalf. If you’re elsewhere, please look up local services and remember that it doesn’t have to be this way, you deserve help.

At this point, you probably have a pretty clear idea of whether or not you are naturally clairaudient. Did you have any ‘ah-ha’ moments? Did this post make things a bit clearer for you? Get in touch by either leaving a comment or sending a message here, I’d love to hear your experiences! And if this post didn’t resonate with you and you’re feeling disappointed, remember that, as with all psychic abilities, you can develop this yourself as we are all born with all abilities.

Sending a lot of love your way,

Leah Marie x

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